Disposing of your residuals

One of the challenges of successfully managing a bakery or snack food manufacturing business is to find an efficient, reliable method for disposing of your residuals. At Bakery Feeds, we’re eager to relieve you of that concern – and we do it in the most innovative way imaginable. Partnering with us means you will be free to focus on your business. We’ll even make your company more sustainable as we repurpose your residuals into a quality ingredient for feed rations.

Sustainable solutions

The wide variety of products we collect and repurpose includes bread, dough, pasta, crackers, cereal, bagels, sweet goods and snack chips. Large bakery and snack food manufacturers produce in such large volumes that the small percentage of rejected products can amount to hundreds of tons of inedible material every week. Rather than disposing of these residuals in overcrowded landfills, more and more manufacturers look to Bakery Feeds to provide sustainable removal solutions and secure by-products disposition.