Integrated Scaling Systems with built-in load cells

Both the TowerMaster and Compactor bulk loading systems are equipped with our integrated scaling system with email notification.

At Bakery Feeds, we offer you the ability to track and identify the origin and quantity of all of the by-products generated at your facility. With our scaling systems, you can track operator IDs, shift codes, line or product codes, and type codes. This option is part of Integrated Scaling Systems we have developed for our bulk loading systems. When used with our TowerMaster System, no platform scales are required as the load cells are built-in. The Compactor system uses flush mounted platform scales built into the system itself. The information you want to track with our systems is automatically downloaded to your designated computers. You can access it at any time. Naturally, you can use your computers for other tasks while the data are being logged. The information is stored in a worksheet application for easy sorting, use and integration into your current reporting.

In addition to data collection we are also able to provide email notification. This feature advises both the customer and Bakery Feeds as to the systems loading status relieving your staff from having to monitor this and call when a trailer is loaded.

Bakery Feeds also custom designs, builds and provides many other methods of service tailored to meet your plants specific needs and requirements. Let Bakery Feeds design, build, install and maintain the most efficient and sanitary loading system for you.

The data logged for each weighment can include a wide range of information, such as: 

  • Record number
  • Date 
  • Time
  • Shift
  • Line id number
  • Product
  • Location
  • Tare weight, net weight and accumulated weight 

For more information on our equipment and customization options, please contact us