Ideal for products with higher moisture levels

The TowerMaster is a self-contained system that works well for the removal of any type of food by-product. It is especially appreciated by accounts with wetter by-products, such as dough. This system offers maximum flexibility, with several options as to where it can be placed. Multiple hatches on the trailer are accessed allowing for better weight distribution within the trailer, yielding maximum payload and transportation cost savings. Simple, one-button operation and smart features make the system easy for your employees to use and manage.

Rear-loading versus side-loading

The rear-loading TowerMaster model is used primarily in higher moisture applications, in which rear- loading products enables you to easily and efficiently fill the trailer from back to front. The side-loading design allows you to place the trailer parallel to your building for space saving efficiency. You can also install it as a free standing installation. The three hatches in the trailer roof ensure you’re your by-product is dispensed evenly from front to back. 

Interior view

All controls on the TowerMaster are safety interlocked. The door has to be closed and locked before operation can begin. Efficient design allows carts to wheel directly into carriage for dispensing into trailer. 

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  • Functional PolyCarts mounted on casters are supplied for easy transportation of scrap materials 
  • The TowerMaster’s smooth-walled interior and sealed hatches result in a weather-tight installation that keeps out unwanted rodents, birds and exterior elements
  • Its simple mechanical design results in less maintenance
  • No spillage, as the trailer remains closed at all times 
  • Ultimate flexibility, as this system can be located at an existing dock door as a free standing installation or through any exterior wall 
  • Available in side- or rear-loading models, this system offers highly versatile configuration options, as it can work from ground level, any dock height, or even from a second story

Both preventive and 24/7 repair and maintenance provided by Bakery Feeds