Nation-wide US delivery, global availability

Your worries about delivery failures will be over when you partner with Bakery Feeds, thanks to our nation-wide delivery schedule and unrivalled distribution systems and fleet. Cookie Meal is available around the world. 

Improved sustainability

With Bakery Feeds, you will not only improve the quality of your product and health of your customers’ livestock, you will also boost your sustainability image. Our feed ingredient is derived from safe and meticulously analyzed bakery residuals - bread, dough, pasta, crackers, cereal, bagels, sweet goods and snack chips - that would otherwise have to be destroyed or landfilled, adding to the pressure on our environment. So instead of depleting resources, you will be contributing to the creation of new ones.

The ideal corn replacement

Cookie Meal represents the sustainable corn replacement of choice for your feed rations.

  • More nutritional value than corn
  • High-energy and high-quality
  • Bio-secure
  • Consistently analyzed 

Cookie Meal

Bakery Feeds specializes in the recycling of inedible bakery residuals, such as bread, dough, pasta, crackers, cereal, bagels, sweet goods and snack chips. A total recycling process of drying, cleaning, mixing and milling operations transforms these by-products into a high-energy feed ingredient we call Cookie Meal®. When it comes to feed efficiency, Cookie Meal® is Bakery Feeds' ‘essential ingredient for success.’

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