There are various ways of handling your recyclable by products. The best way to handle a product from a specific plant is dependent on several factors such as volume, type of materials, available space and sanitation requirements. We design and build our own line of bulk loading equipment. This allows us to tailor a system to handle each customer’s material in a sanitary and efficient manner while allowing us a great deal of flexibility in installation sites. In addition to the superior sanitation, any system provided by Bakery Feeds can also be fitted with an integrated scaling system allowing you to track the quantity and origin of the waste providing a valuable tool for you to manage your waste streams.

Bakery Feeds is the only company in the nation to separate the packaging material we receive along with your bakery residuals. This relieves you of the risk of any of it ending up in rogue markets and causing liability issues. We use this stream as a fuel source for our biomass burners. Thus you can be assured of the complete destruction of your labels. Through this approach, we divert tons of packaging material from our nation’s landfills annually.