If you face any of these problems, we can help

The services we offer commercial bakeries and snack food manufacturers help companies eager to manage their residuals in an economically and ecologically responsible manner. If you face the following issues, Bakery Feeds can help:

  • Complicated, time-consuming disposal equipment for your food and packaging residuals 
  • Equipment breakdowns or malfunctions causing operational inefficiencies and extra cost
  • Unreliable or inconsistent pickup schedules 
  • Spillage of residuals at your site causing environmental issues and operational inefficiencies
  • Inaccurate data affecting production numbers
  • Rejects and residuals entering rogue markets and causing liability risks

24/7 maintenance, nationwide pickups

We design our equipment to offer you maximum efficiency and convenience – and because of this, we’re the only company in North America capable of servicing you according to your specifications. Our 24/7 maintenance services and scheduled, nationwide pickups ensure that your residuals are managed as effortlessly as possible – and that you will have maximum support should any unexpected challenges arise. 

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact us here